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Radiance Nursery & Primary School2014/2015 Session
ENTRANCE EXAMS: The entrance examination into Radiance School comes up soon, watch out for this great opportunity...



6 February 2012
Radiance Nursery & Primary SchoolThirteen (13) of Radiance students came out with 9 distinctions in 2011 WAEC result ...



23 January 2012
Radiance Nursery & Primary SchoolRadiance recorded 17 students who graduated from the university after 4years from Radiance High School ...


Radiance Anniversary


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Welcome to Radiance Schools

Goodwill Messages

We welcome you to our school! We hope that you find the information here valuable and interesting. One of the aims of our school is demonstrable achievement so that our pupils are at the forefront of preparation for post-primary education, and for adult life to follow. To that end, we place a strong emphasis on discipline and hard work. The environment within a school plays a critical role in its development and progress. For this reason, we have gone to great lengths to create an excellent environment in Radiance Nursery and Primary School. That is why we ensure that the school premises are always neat and tidy at all times, reflecting the level of discipline and composure we impart into our pupils. We continue to put in place the best teaching, learning and living facilities which include-.

*High Standard classrooms with good ventilation and lighting.
*A Sickbay fully fitted out.
*Whiteboards for teaching and learning.
*Computer Room ( a child to a computer)
*Playground with swings, merry go round etc


Sporting facilities including table tennis, volleyball basketball, football

*Swimming pool for the Nursery section
*Music Room with musical equipment
*Well furnished Art Studio
*Standby generators more

Vision Statement

When the school was set up 25years ago. it was set up with the following vision. To provide a world-class qualitative education to our children, by imbibing the following key principles at the most affordable price possible.
1. Discipline
2. Hard-work
3. Honesty
4. Good morals and Christain Principles
5. Excellence in all fields

Mission Statement

To enable us achieve the above visionary statement, our mission is to utilize the latest technological advancements and innovation to facilitate the provision of the above key values as indicated in our vision statement.

Core Values

The school has many key and cherished core values wi=hich are imbibed by the management, staffs and students at all times and in all situations.
These are listed below:
. Integrity
. Innovativeness
. Quality
. Honesty
. Punctuality
. Persistency
. Incorruptibility
. Respect and rule of Law.


Radiance High School & Nursery/Primary

Radiance Schools

- Located in heart of Festac
- Easily accessible
- Environment friendly to Education
- Established to bring out the best in Children
- Science Oriented
- Fully equipped science laboratories
- Boarding house facilities for both BOYS and

For Further information please contact:
The DirectorORThe Principal
Radiance Schools
1st Avenue
O Close /41 Road
Festac Town
  Radiance High School
41 Road, Festac
Near the Local Government Secretariat


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