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Radiance Director Professor A. AtsenuwaJuly 2016
Radiance Director Professor A. Atsenuwa elected as the Dean of the Faculty of Law, UNILAG....



October, 2016
Radiance Nursery & Primary SchoolRadiance High School records very impressive performance in SS3 2015/2016 WAEC EXAMS!!!!...



January, 2017
Radiance Nursery/Primary School Pupils won the 1st Position in a debate competition organised for Schools in Festac/Amuwo Odofin area...



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The educational curriculum introduced by the colonial masters was very effective largely due to the few subjects namely Arithmetic, Reading and Writing, that our fathers were taught. The story is true that, a standard three (Primary three) pupil was able to write a letter free from grammatical errors. The other things that made it a rising standard of education were the no-nonsense supervision and encouraging incentives to teachers. But with self realization and the clamour for independence by the black people, Nigeria on going her own independence in the 1960, the government became more involved in the running of schools than before. As years rolled by, the standard of education started to fall due to reasons best known to us. Lack of supervision, low and delayed remunerations, dilapidated infrastructures, strikes, etc; beclouded the atmosphere of education. Because of these, the bourgeoisie could not see the right qualitative education to give to their children.

All these lacks and necessities quickened the advent of private schools. Today, the private schools have risen to the challenges of the hitherto falling standards of education because in them, children are a work all the time. Qualified teachers ate employed and motivated by the kind of salaries they are paid and are therefore on their duties. There is constant supervision of teachers' and pupils' work. It is very pertinent to note that Mrs. E. I. Menkiti, the Headmistress of Radiance Nursery and Primary School in Festac Town, personally checks pupils exercise books. What about infrastructures? They are available and closely maintained. Wider scope of education by the inclusion of many vital subjects as Computer education, Fine Arts, Music, French, Yoruba, etc; as against the colonial deceitful '3R' Curriculum introduced by Lord Luggard and his colonial successors.

The bourgeoisie and the middle class individuals who are able to afford this type of education are called upon to give off thanks to people like Bishop and Mrs. Menkiti, the Proprietor and Proprietress of Radiance Nursery and Primary School, Festac Town, and to the proprietor and Proprietress of other private institutions in the country for their wonderful foresights. It is true that, in a free economy like our, it is not possible for all the people to have equal economic opportunities. This is where the government comes in to save the situation of children in public schools where standard of education has been and is still falling.


Radiance High School & Nursery/Primary

Radiance Schools

- Located in heart of Festac
- Easily accessible
- Environment friendly to Education
- Established to bring out the best in Children
- Science Oriented
- Fully equipped science laboratories
- Boarding house facilities for both BOYS and

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The DirectorORThe Principal
Radiance Schools
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  Radiance High School
41 Road, Festac
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