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Radiance gave my children the desired foundation I needed - Chief Steven Ojo

Galaxy television is a household name is Lagos and Oyo States. Two of its many programmes "Editors" Forum and Democracy and rule of Law" are a must watch for television viewers. What about the numerous movies they show almost everyday?

Recently, the editorial Board of Radiance asked Uncle Peter, and Dorothy Amadi the editor, to pin down the President of the Galaxy Television, for an interview. It was not an easy task, with many calls to him; he finally agreed to grant us the interview in his residence.

It was Chief Stevens Ojo at his best. He barred his mind on so many issues. It was vantage Chief Stevens Ojo. We enjoyed every bit of it. Readers should also enjoy what we enjoyed there. After the interview, he took us round his ultra modern studio, he just set up in his spacious residence. The equipment was fantastic and eye pleasing.


Sir, Could you please introduce yourself?

I am the president of Galaxy Television. We have our stations in Oyo state and Lagos state. I am from Ondo State, precisely from Ondo town. I am not the owner of Galaxy Television.

Then who is the owner of Galaxy Television?

I am only a share holder with my siblings serving as the directors of the company.

Anyway, I have the majority share.

Why have you not applied for radio license like Silver bird, Murhi International, Radio Continental, which recently came on board.

I'd like you to know that Galaxy Television was the first Television Station to be granted license. We applied for the radio license too, but the Government of Obasanjo refused us. We even applied to operate in Abuja, but our request was not honoured. We pray that the Government of the day will grant us the license to operate FM Station and also for our Television to operate in Abuja.

In the early 90s, you brought your kids- Ojo Omololu and Ojo Folake to Radiance nursery and primary school. Later, your nephews and nieces also came. Tell us why you did this when there were many good schools in Festac; and Radiance was just four years?

They were at a school in Ogun State (named withheld). I was not happy with the way the children were brought up. Again I needed a school, which was very near to my residence. I had two schools in mind. I seIect Radiance Nursery and Primary school because the owners and the teachers were friendly and cared for the children. As I just lost my wife, I needed a full house of people, so I brought my nephews and nieces to come and live under my roof. I then took all to Radiance.

Where are they now?

They have graduated from reputable universities in England and USA. For example Ojo Omololu is presently in USA working in a reputable Television network-CNBS, as a computer engineer and a web-site designer. Ojo Folake read Bio-technology and preparing for her PhD. Tayo Ojo is also in London , Bukky Ojo did her first degree in USA. She had straight AS in a predominantly white school, a school established about 300 years ago. The white students even celebrated her achievement. In fact all the children who attended Radiance are all doing well in life, after chalking high successes in their academic achievements.

Have you achieved your objectives by bringing them to Radiance.

Oh yes! The school gave them the desired foundation I needed. The School developed them with the parental care which I needed at that time. Today, I'm happy that I have the best kids in USA and England.

Your television shows many Nigerian movies. Don't you think they have negative influence on our children?

The movies we show reflect on the morals of the country. The negative aspects are corrected through plots and characterization. Don't forget that we have censor's board to checkmate the negative sides of any movie. We in Galaxy try as much as possible to show movies which reflect the general culture of our people. We don't show movies that will corrupt our children.

How could you compare the education you had in your days with the present, as an employer of labour?

Chief Ojo: Government has not taken education very seriously in the public sector. This has led to the proliferation of many private schools. The benefit we had was the significant part Chief Obafemi Awolowo played in our lives concerning education. He made education virtually free. And this helped a lot. Most primary six School leavers in those days were better than most present day graduates. Present day Universities are bedeviled with many problems such as cultism, strikes, out dated curriculum and lecturers who are not serious. Again, the libraries are dead. Most of the graduates coming out are not employable. It makes us do double work by retraining them. The situation we find ourselves have forced many parents to send their wards to study abroad. Government is only paying lip service to education in this country. Most of the public universities are glorified secondary schools.

The government has 2020 as a target for development in all spheres of our national development. In what ways can your T.V. Programmes contribute to the present dispensation.

TV stations are supposed to bring changes into our society socially, morally and educationally. We, in Galaxy have brought positive changes through the local content of our programmes. Over 90% of our programmes are made of local content. Our aim also add values to the political programmes with such programmes like, Democracy and Rule of Law and the National Pulse.

Any message for the School?

Well, I'd like the school to incorporate into its curriculum practical training in the field of science and vocation. Education should be total. Children leaving the school should be able to use their hands to do something for themselves. Also sporting activities should be encouraged in the school. The school should develop the mind, the body and the soul, this will make the child better. Blacks in USA excel because of sports. The School authority should continue to impart positively on the children as they have been doing over the years. The relationship should be cordial. It should enshrine practical teaching like cooking and serving in its educational system.

I wish Radiance Nursery and Primary school a happy 20 anniversary.

Thank you chief Stevens Ojo for having the time to discuss with us.

It's a pleasure.


- Mrs. Christie Ekwue

A team of Radiance school editorial members, Miss Dorothy Amadi, Mr C. J. Onukwugha and Mr. Ademola had a wonderful chart with Mrs Chrsitie Ekwue as regards her impression about Radiance School as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary. Mrs Ekwue the C. E.O. of Ideal System Mobile LOO, an outfit that is going places in Nigeria located along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, barred her mind without reservation on how she feels about Radiance school and why it is a school for the child you love, happy reading.

Good afternoon Madam, Please can we meet you?

Good afternoon, I am Mrs. Christie Ekwue. I am from lmo state, a graduate of Lagos State University (L.A. S. U). I also hold an M.B.A from the same institution. I am an associate member of National Institution of Marketing Nigeria as well as London. I am also the CEO of Ideal System Mobile Loo.

How did you come in contact with Radiance School?

She laughs ... actually when I was looking out for a good school for my son, I had a whole lot of qualities in my mind. These include the quality of the teachers, neatness of the environment etc. However, with a constant visit to a friend and seeing the behaviour of her children and how smart and intelligent they. were, made a good impression on me. When I inquired to know the name of their school, it happened to be Radiance School. Meanwhile, I was personally convinced, after coming in contact with some of the teachers supervisors and other workers whose attitudes to the pupils and visitors added a plus torn acceptance of the school.

What, in your opinion, make Radiance School Unique?

Wow! Where do I start from... any way, the high moral standard, intelligence and discipline the pupils display is quite unique. Again, the amiable and accommodating nature of the teachers and most of the workers in general score the school very high and makes it outstanding. Moreover, when you have such an environment the pupils will be generally happy and teaching/learning will not be a problem for the teachers and the pupils.

How well has the school impressed you in relation to the performances of your children academically?

So far, I am highly impressed and my husband is also impressed. I will advise parents that know their onions to bring their children and wards to Radiance School because the management and teachers are doing a good work. It is a school for the child you love so much.

Madam, what is your vision for Radiance school in the next ten years?

Well, the staff welfare must be of high priority to the management, because when the staff are well catered for, it will also improve the standard of the school and pupils' performance.

I say this, because when the old staff are maintained and retained especially teachers, it will encourage the new ones to stay in the process, the school will fare better in all aspect and will definitely go places in the next ten years.

Thank you Madam.


Mrs. Mobisola Shobayo lives in Festac town. She was one of the parents who in early nineties entrusted her children to the care of the school; recently, the Editorial Board Members Amadi Dorothy Onukwugha C. J. and Ademola met her in her luxurious apartment. She barred her mind to the team. She believed that parents should always be part of the school. That parents should be part of any activity the school is doing. Enjoy it.

Can we meet you, madam?

I am Mrs. Mobisola Shobayo. I was born in Kumasi in Ghana, but a native of Abeokuta, Ogun State. I attended both primary and secondary schools in Sango Otta. There after, I attended courses in Nigeria and aboard on ticketing. I am also an associate fellow of Nigeria Institute of Management.

For how long have you been a parents of Radiance Nursery and Primary School?

My first child was the first to attend in 1992. She was the first of my children to start in Radiance Nursery and Primary school in 1992.

Despite the ever increasing number of primary school, why is Radiance your first choice?

We had a family farm by name Radiance Farm, that was the initial attraction. But as a matter of fact, each of the teachers has shown personal attention to all my children. Most of children normally left from primary 4 to primary 6. The school paid attention to one of my sons who was a slow learner then. The old teachers made a lot of impact on my children.

"The welfare of the teachers should be of much importance to the management because the tone of a school cannot be higher than the tone of the teachers"

What message do you have for other Radiance Nursery and Primary School parents?

They should try to be part of their children. By this when a child goes to school with anger from home, the whole day is lost. Whatever the child has done at school, be part of the activity, and be it home work or assignment. If yo are successful and your child is a failure automatically you have failed too. Again, parents' should always be part of whatever the school is doing.

What is your good will message to Radiance Nursery and Primary School, as she celebrate her 20th Anniversary?

Radiance Nursery and primary school has gone a long way. My daughter classmates are mostly in U.S.A. The school should take the teachers as a part of them. If the teachers are not given shares in the school, then they should be well taken care of, to encourage the young coming ones. The welfare of the teachers should be of much importance to the management because the tone of a school cannot be higher than the tone of the teachers. There should be a programme or schemes on ground to make Radiance Nursery and Primary school outlive anyone and make children unborn to praise the vision of the founders of the school.

Thank you.

BOB-MANUEL UDOKWU - "I Believe parents should take interest in-after school activities of their children".

Mr. Bob-Manuel is a well known film actor, producer as well as a director in Nollywood. The members of the Editorial board, Messer's Ademola, Onukwugha and Miss Amadi Dorothy met him in his modest but well furnished apartment in Festac. He spoke to them on a variety of issues. HAPPY READING.

Can we meet you sir?

My name is Bob-Manuel Udokwu. A film actor, producer as well as a director. I was born in Enugu State at coal camp. I am from Ogidi in Idemili Local Government Area of Anambra State I am the fourth child in a family of six (three boys and three girls) I am the second son. I have a certificate in the arts with a distinction and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the same University of Port-Harcourt. I then proceeded to do my masters in international relations at the University of Lagos. I am married with two children who are pupils of Radiance Nursery and Primary school.

As a parent in the school, in what ways can parents contribute more to the quality and wide acceptability of Radiance school?

First, I believe parents should take interest in after school activities of their children which include going through their children notebooks and helping the children when they bring assignments from school involving grammar, calculations and in fact all subjects. Secondly, the school and the P. T. A Should have a system of exchanging ideas about the subjects taught in the school. It would promote even higher quality and competence of the staff. The academic programme would be enhanced greatly.

You as a professional artiste, do you feel that it is right for children to be exposed to the entertainment world?

First of all, children need to be closely observed to see the natural talent in them. When these talents are there, they need to be guided so that they can realize their full potential. Learning does not necessarily have to be within the school environment. Taking children to Television houses, Radio Stations and Music recording Studios is good. The children need to be exposed to their creative environment. Above all, children should be encouraged to read for pleasure.

What is your advice to the staff, management and pupils of Radiance school as they mark the 20th anniversary?

I want to commend the founders and management for reaching this mile stone in spite of the challenges and difficulties encountered over the years. The dream has to be sustained. Constant improvement has to be made without attracting extra cost to the parents. There should be constant improvement with the standard of teachers employed to meet the present realities of educational demand. I also want to appreciate and commend the effort of the teaching staff for the difficult task of imparting knowledge to generations coming. For the pupils, they should strive to be the best they can ever be by paying attention not only in class but in any other activity in the school. This will help them to be better individuals in the society.


Mr. Everestus Okeke A Banker and a fellow of the institute of chartered accountants granted an extensive interview to messrs Onukwugha C. J., Ademola A.I. and Dorothy Amadi. Read on

Can we meet you sir?

I am Everest Okeke. I work with Zenith Bank. I have a degree in accounting, masters' in business administration. I am a fellow of the institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria.

How many children do you have in Radiance?

I have three children in Radiance. Ekene is in primary four, Nonso in primary 2, and Chidera in primary 1.

What are the things you looked for when choosing a school for your children and why Radiance?

As a person, I have some keys determinant in making any choice about schools, for example, the environment, ressing and academic performances. It simply means that Radiance has met the above criteria.

What is your perception of the Headmistress, supervisors, teachers, drivers and other non-teaching staff you have come across in your interaction with the school?

A Before I met her, I heard that she was seasoned teacher. She started from the scratch. She has also travelled far and wide. These I believe have rubbed off on the other administrative staff. Like an adage says. 'If the head is healthy, the body would be healthy'. The supervisors and teachers are business-like and very professional. I actually feel you can perceive the air of seriousness from the gatemen. They are courteous and always ready to help.

Sir your last word for the school as its celebrates the 20 anniversary. The management must continue to strive to meet the trend of the present generation of children. This is the computer age or shall we say the Jet-age. Moreover, the teachers must be up to-date with the current knowledge in science, technology and computer. This they can do on their own with the school also giving grants for further education. All this would enhance even further the image of the school. I wish the school all the best wishes in the world.


The Editorial board members Miss. Dorothy Amadi, Mr. Onukwugha C. J. and Mr. Ademola met with Chief Gab Okoye (alias Gbabosky) at his posh office along Old-Ojo Road. He spoke on the need for parents to show genuine interest in the education and up-bringing of their Children the origin of the Word "Nollywood" and other Matters of Public interest. Read on.

Sir, we will like to know you.

My name is Chief Gab "lgwezue" Okoye. I was the 'lgwe' of University of Nigeria, Nsukka. During the administration of prof. Ndili and Prof Chinyere Ikoku, University of Nigeria Nsukka used to have an "lgwe' that is, the traditional ruler of the University. So. I happened to be the "lgwe" in 1986/87 session. There after people started to call me "lgwe" "lgwe". When I came into the World of business, I Incorporated a business name "Gabosky" From lgwe Gabito to lgwe Gabosky. When my people (Abatete com munity) gave me a Chieftaincy title, they gave me the title "lgwe-ezue" meaning that the 'lgwe is now complete.

From 'lgwe" of university of Nigeria Nsukka to the "lgwezue" of my town Abatete. With the 'lgwezue" title people continued to call me "lgwe', 'Igwe' but my own 'lgwe' is not that type you think, that is, those who can do and undo rather my own 'Igwe' is the "lgwe of Boys".

Sir, we still want to know you more.

As I told you, I graduated from University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN). I read Biological Science. I did my national Youth Service Corp (NYSC) primary assignment at More Plantation in lbadan, Oyo State. I entered into the world of business in 1989. I started business with the importation of electronics. In 1992 in Hong Kong. I had contact with those making movies, so when I come to Nigeria, I tried to replicate it. I moved into the Movie Industrywith one man called Mr. Kenneth Nnebue. We invited people who had the know- how in the business while we bore the financial burden. We got some NTA Staff to work with us. In 1992 NEC did the popular movie titled living in Bondage" and in 1993 I produced Nneka, the Pretty serpent" These two movies made a turn around in the Nigeria movie industry and people started talking about the Nigeria Movie. Then a Spanish journalist looked at the Nigerian Movie and said "Nollywood". He likened it to what is happening in America's Hollywood and Indians "Bollywood" but in Nigeria's case, the wood is none existent. Again, I ventured into fast food Production. I had Ghanaians boys working for me. But when U.S.A government assisted them with money, they went home and started mass production with the aid of machines while my own production method was with manual labour, that was how the company wound-up. Their government backed them. I am still into Film Production and importation of electronics. For now, I am the national president of government licensed movie Distributors of Nigeria. I got married to a young lady Ifeoma Ejekam. Her father was the Chief Security Officer of U where I schooled. When I needed a wife, I went back to my 'Alma mater', I was the quiet type while at school, so when I came for his daughter he could not refuse. If I was the rough type, I know he would not have agreed. We got married and God blessed us' with four good children- Three girls ar a boy. The girls are all at Bells Secondary School, Ota, while the boy is still at Radiance Nursery and primary School, where they re normally moulded. My contact with Radiance Nursery and Primary School is a journey of no regret, because I have always gotten what I wanted and desired for my children.

Sir, You have been a parent of the Radiance Nursery and Primary School for some time now, sir, can you tell us your experiences so far.?

I married my wife and after wedding, we decided to have children. When the children started to come, the next problem was, where to train them. My wife sought for schools and brought to me two schools. Radiance Nursery and primary school and one popular school in Festac Town. Then, I told my wife that I would do my own investigation. This I did. What I learnt from my investigation was that Radiance Nursery and Primary School was managed by the Proprietor and proprietress . Then, I know that the couple must be very serious in the management of the school. And that they would not play with what they established. When the first daughter entered the school, what she came out with convinced me that this was a place for my children. The second daughter had the same experience; the third ne the same. There was a day I met Bishop and Mrs Menkiti and I told them that with the type of training they were giving my children, I was tempted to have more babies. I have some of my friends who took their children to some schools later they brought them back to Radiance Nursery and Primary School. With the school the different is very clear. These my friends' children interaction with my children revealed that they had lost out and they still regretted the mistake of taking them to another school. Those of you teaching in Radiance Nursery and Primary School may not know the quality of what you are dishing out because the compound is not tarred with marble and all the classrooms are not air-Conditioned., but the truth is that what you are giving out cannot be compared with any other schools, in Festac Town. The pupils with foreign ascent but when the chips are down on the basic requirements in education, Radiance Nursery and Primary School are head and shoulder over and above their products. It is an excellent school because as a former teacher when I see a good school, I easily recognized it. No matter how busy I am, I still go through the books of my children to see what they are doing at school. I know when a teacher is teaching as an amateur or as a professional. Most of your teachers are professionals and they give out qualitative education.

Many parents are professionals, like you, what advice do you have for them as their contribution to the qualitative education given to their children or wards in Radiance Nursery and Primary School?

The Problem is that some parents did not define their goals in life from the beginning. Some came to Lagos with the sole aim and purpose of making money. They want to make money. Look at the people we call big-men. No big-man bigets big- man, so, no continuity. The problem so, no continuity. The problem is that the education and family welfare took the back seat in their up-bringing. These days men from all walks of life end their day in a pepper-soup joint. You see that I visit Radiance Nursery and Primary School as often as possible, as for my wife, it seems as if I have donated her to the school. Her presence often motivates my children to excel. If am out of the country, I call my children on phone to encourage them to perform excellently. Money is not everything. Parents should give their children and their education enough attention. Parents need to be educated on the need to give this attention, especially, the mothers. Educate women on the need to re-activate our family values and ethnics.

What do you think about exposing children to extra-curricular activities with regards to their overall development.

When we were growing up, we had literary and debating societies in our schools because there was no movie industry. The pupils should not be exposed to mix .freely with the established actors and actresses. They can serve as guest speakers and their speech censored. The pupils should not be exposed unnecessarily until they are mature. If any of my children wants to be an actor or actress well he or she still has to go through the basic education for now, but there will be no special attention to make him or her a star. This is why it is not good to have women who make up too much in primary School because they will have negative impact on the children. I represented the movie industry on the Federal Government National Cultured Policy formulation Council. I made input on the way forward as it affects the movie industry.

Sir, what is your message as we celebrate our Twentieth (20th) Anniversary?

A. It is not yet time for you to celebrate because a young man who wants to get married will prefer to hear that you are just about five years because he wants his unborn children to attend Radiance Nursery and Primary School. The people who will celebrate the school are still in the making. I mean that the products of the School are the ones that will celebrate the school when they start to hold position of authority in this country, but for we the parents, we will celebrate with the school on what is on the ground. Like I said before, if you go to Bells Secondary School, Ota, my three daughters name are ringing bell because of their academic performances in the school. The girls are competing very well with other students from other established schools from within and outside the country. So, by the time the products of Radiance Nursery and Primary School became presidents, governors, members of the National Assembly, teachers, doctors, Successful businessmen and woman etc. then, they will call us for celebration and they too will tell us the age of Radiance Nursery and Primary School, Festac Town. Thank you.


Can we get to know you, madam

I am Mrs. Tonia Edi-lawani from Urhobo in Delta State. I am married to Edi-Lawani, an Igarra in Akoko Edo L.G.A. Edo State. I went to school at Federal Government College, Gboko in Benue State.

I later proceeded to F. S.A S (Federal School of Arts and Science for my Higher School Certificate. From there, I went to the then Bendel State University Abraka.

I am a chartered member of the institute of bankers and also institute of personnel management. I was a teacher for two years at Sapele. When the family relocated to Lagos. I took up appointment with Golden finger Investment in Lagos. I left as a Deputy Manager.

My next appointment was with Gustic tech Company. I worked there for some years before resigning as the General Manger. I wanted a job that would give me time to take care of the children and family and which I would really enjoy. I have always have the love for the entertainment industry even while at school and so I went into the entertainment industry getting myself involved in film production. I run a music recording studio (Ayeshaa) music and a light and sound company (Paragonis)

I am married to Edi-Lawani and blessed with three children

You are in the entrainment industry, do you think that involving children in drama, acting and entertainment industry generally can have a positive or negative influence on these children.

My general opinion is that these days teachers give too much homework to these children. This has deprived children nowadays of having enough time for extra Curricular activities. There is nothing bad in involving children in the entertainment industry, if they are properly guided. Let them be involved but they should have proper education.

I am a living example. I had wanted to read Theater Art in School but my mother would not hear such nonsense, so I had to read Geography education even though I was always involved in social activities with some of my friends in school. We always stage successful shows on campus.

I finished my course in Geography in flying colours and today I am in the entertainment industry. So get the children involved but guided.

Your Children are in Radiance School. What attracted you to Radiance School?

When I was looking for a school for my children, being a Catholic, my aim was to get them to any catholic School around. I took forms for St. Jude,, Nazareth and so on. A friend who is not living in Festac introduced me to Radiance. I said okay; let me give it a trial. I was really impressed with the reception I got from the gateman and the Supervisor I met that day (Mrs Ichie). She is really a wonderful woman. I went round the school., and I was impressed with the neatness and the air of seriousness pervading the whole place.

The only thing I want the school to correct is the excessive homework being given to the children. I think it should honestly be reduced to give the children more time to play.

What is your message for the School as it celebrates its 20th

So far, the school has done excellently as far as the academic output of the children and in other areas as well. However, like everything in life, to maintain and even improve on the present level of achievement is a task they have at hand. My prayer is that by the time they celebrate their 30th Anniversary, the school would have been a reference point not only in Festac or Lagos but throughout the Federation