The Executives members of the PTA have had series of meeting during which the issue of our children's care among other things were observed. We observed that due to the very busy nature of our work and the fact that some parents have to leave their home very early to work, it has been almost impossible for some parents to see to their children's care before they go to school, when they return from school and even at holidays. We therefore decided to take a look at some possible areas that would help us in caring for our children.



- Prepare their school uniforms, socks, sandals in the evenings. Check to ensure that their uniforms are in good condition, e.g. that they are washed and ironed, the buttons are complete, and that they are not even torn.
- Plan their breakfast and snacks before you go to sleep. By so doing you will avoid the habit of buying such items like bread, milk, sugar, or even matches to prepare their breakfast in the morning. This could cause some delay and when the maid has to do this, she will most probably not get the enough or give them the correct breakfast.
- Check the nails to ensure that they are short and clean.
- Ensure that the girls hair are neatly fixed while the boys should have good cuts.
- Check the condition of your child's health regularly as the spread of infectious diseases like chicken pox, measles, mumps or even common colds could be prevented if such is observed and quick medical attention is given. If your child is sick, you will be causing him/her more discomfort and lack of adequate care by sending him/her off to school. Moreover, if it is an infectious disease, there will be a wide spread of it among other children.
- In the mornings, wake your children up enough, have your family devotion and commit them and yourself into the hands of God.



- Ensure that they change immediately from their school uniforms to house wears.
- Have their water flasks and snack boxes washed and dried.
- Check their bags to ensure that books and writing materials are brought back from school and that they do not have other children's items in their bags. If you find any strange item in their bags find out why the child has some one else's item in his possession. If you think it was stolen, let the child know it is wrong and its implications and give a warning, stating a particular punishment that he would receive if such an act is repeated.
- Ensure that assignment are done and if possible give your child your own assignment similar to that of the teacher. By so doing, you will be able to know how much your child understands what his teacher had taught him at school.
- Spend a few minutes to talk with your children, know their problems, if any. Ask about their friends in the class and other things of interest to both of you.



- Check their reports and know which (i.e. subject) are that your child is lacking and arrange special brush-up lessons for him/her.
- Draw up a roaster for them to help in division of labour where there are more than one child. This roaster should outline jobs like: washing of cloths and plates, sweeping and cleaning of the house, helping out in the kitchen, holiday lesson and time to relax and play. For those children that can be considered as babies (i.e. under 5 years), more attention should be given to them as they are solely dependent on adults or older ones. Spend more time talking to them and find out what they do in school.

Ask about their friends, sing some of their nursery songs and rhymes with them. This will help you get closer to your child and also make them feel your concern over their own matters.
Teach them to do little things by themselves e.g. putting away their toys properly after play; saying 'thank you' and other greetings when necessary.
- Teach your children to be kind, helpful and show love to others.

We have also observed that due to the hustles and bustles in the city, coupled with stress, some parents do not know their children. Parents should endeavour to listen to their children and interact with them. This will boast the relationship between the two. Do not condemn your child's teacher or the school in the presence of the child. This brings lack of respect to both teacher and school. The child would also be affected indirectly as he may not consider it important to take the teacher's correction. Make your report through the right channel to the school if the need arise.

Parents should make close observation of their wards to ensure that they do not pickup bad habits or grow up in the wrong way. Above all, we should teach our children the fear of God because this is the beginning of knowledge and will help them in every other area of their lives. Teach them the right path and when they grow up, they will not depart from it. Do not spare the rod and spoil your child. May God Almighty, our creator, help us to be good caretakers of our wards and lay the proper foundation for them as future leaders of our dear Country.