Internet and School Facilities

Internet Connectivity
The High School is fully connected to the Internet using the 4G LTE fast Internet protocol, and via the most reliable and efficient Internet Service Providers in the country.

The Internet is fully available to our students, teachers and Staffs alike to enable them update and always keep abreast of new information, modern techniques and vast knowledge in a fast changing global world.

There is also a dedicated stand-by generator to ensure power can be supplied to the computers, whenever there is a power outage.


Infrastructural Facilities/Labs
The school is equipped with the following facilities:

  1. Twenty-one standard classrooms - Ten for J. S. students and eleven for S. S. students. (Hence no overcrowded classroms)
  2. Spacious school Hall.
  3. Introduction to Technology Workshop
  4. Physics Lab
  5. Computer / ICT Lab
  6. Chemistry Lab
  7. Biology Lab
  8. Music Lab
  9. Home Economics Lab
  10. Geographical Garden
  11. Fine Art Workshop
  12. Sick Bay
  13. Library
  14. Tuck-shop
  15. Demonstration Facilities for Agriculture
  16. Boarding Houses for both girls and boys
  17. Typing Pool
  18. Geographical Lab
  19. Agricultural Science Lab
  20. Technical Drawing Lab


Boarding Facilities:
The school has adequate boarding facilities for boys and girls located within the school premises; however students are interviewed and screened before they are admitted into our Boarding House to ensure compliance to the high standards of morals and discipline expected of our borders.


Other Facilities:
Other facilities available in the School include Boreholes and water treatment (both schools), standby Generators and Inverter System, the Geological Gardens, the Natural, pleasant and green ambience of the school due our continuous beautification programme, plus Music Room fully furnished with various state of the art musical equipments, and a well furnished Art Studio, etc.