1.     Resourcefulness
  2.     Alertness
  3.     Discipline
  4.     Initiative
  5.     Academic excellence
  6.     Neatness
  7.     Cooperation
  8.     Endurance


Radiance Nursery and Primary School commenced on Friday the 9th of January 1989. It was set up as a testimony to the greatness and glory of God. It consists of four blocks of building, two blocks built in 1989 and the others in 1992. Radiance schools was established to give children a balanced education and build them up as leaders of tomorrow. It is also intended to inculcate discipline and the fear of God in our children.


In order to complete the work which started in Radiance Nursery and Primary school, Radiance High school had to be established and on the 27th of September 1999, it took off.


It's first Principal was Mr. Emmanuel Obiorji who left in March 2002, while the current Principal is Mrs. Edith Okonkwo, a principled, intelligent, pushful and hard working woman whose efforts have helped to steer the ship of Radiance High School forward.


Located at the centre of Festac Town, Radiance High School is easily accessible from all parts of the town. It is blessed with an environment that is conducive to learning and education. It's two storey buildings and blocks of flats, contain class rooms, laboratories (Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Home Economics) and a Computer room which are fully equipped to meet the challenges of the relevant subjects. The computer room is also hooked to the internet.