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Radiance Nursery / Primary School is currently admitting students in all cadres of the School as follows:-
• Baby Class (Highly recommended for your pre-nursery Toddlers)
• Nursery 1 – 3
• Primary 1 - 6

Do hurry up and enrol your Children / Wards as soon as possible as only limited spaces are available.

With our full complement of highly qualified and Professional Teachers, Care-givers and Non-Teaching staffs, we can confidently assure you that a rock solid educational foundation would be created for your children / ward, on which can be enhanced upon by subsequent classes.

According to UNICEF, the Formative years of a child spans from birth to 8 years of age, having said that, it is very pertinent to ensure your children receive the very best education, and extra-curricular activities from the very best teachers in a World Class learning and conducive environment which Radiance School offers.