School Rules

1.The reporting time to the school for all students is 7.30a.m. Assembly starts at 7.45a.m.
2.Students should not enter the staff room unless with permission.
3.Local languages should not be spoken in the school
4.Drinking of alcohol and smoking is prohibited not only in the boarding house but also in the school. Offenders will be summarily dismissed.
5.Cheating during exams is a serious offence. This can earn a student a suspension or dismissal.
6.Students should be polite with their teachers and visitors coming to the school.
7.Lip sticks, eye shadow and the like are prohibited. No perming or jerry curling is allowed both in the school and the boarding house. If discovered such hair will be cut. Boys should cut the hair low, while girls may weave according the style of the school.
8.No student is allowed to bring cooking utensils, radios and heaters to the hostel.
9.No student is allowed to leave the hostel without permission
10.All students should attend the dinning hall for their meals. No food should be sent to the hostel.
11.Parents are free to visit their children on visiting days. It is however, compulsory that they leave at the end of the visiting time.